All That On the Internet: Matters of Childhood Development and Onward

I support the Catholic Church’s teachings in all areas due to their concern for the dignity of all: those well-educated, less-educated, abused socially or physically, inside or outside the womb, etc. You may disagree with this or not, but you can keep reading no matter what because the following is a growing trend:

Hold back your sympathies to one person or the other for just long enough to read through this entire conversation online found in the comments of this article: http://www.uscatholic.org/articles/201805/transgender-and-catholic-31392

Furthermore, a video that had been posted in that comment section really hit me in the sense that I did not know much of the experience of a pediatrician and their perspective with close contact to many different families, children, and situations:

Read this article for more on her opinion (do note a biased news source, to be fair): https://www.dailysignal.com/2017/07/03/im-pediatrician-transgender-ideology-infiltrated-field-produced-large-scale-child-abuse/

What is on your reading/research to do list? Right now, a roommate’t pet just died, which sparks up debates on if animals are in Heaven…so this reading is timed correctly:


God bless EVERYONE- everyone who disagrees, everyone who agrees, and everyone who is just not quite sure what to think! Every human has more good than bad, so let’s bring out the good through more discussion on Jesus’s legacy for us and God-inspired ideas conveyed through Catholic doctrine and Church documents. A huge hug to each reader on this snowy first day of February. Let’s smile more, actively support each person while staying true to our conscience that we are under moral obligation to form well, and affirm about things we can before talking about the touchy stuff.

St. Paul // Minneapolis: ¿Que Hay Para Hacer?

Algunos consejos que son turísticos, sí, ¡pero no todo es solo el conocimiento de un turista! Aquí hay algunos lugares para visitar si se encuentra en St. Paul y Minneapolis (conocidas como Twin Cities) en el gran estado de Minnesota:

  1. La Catedral (Cathedral of St. Paul)


2. La Basilica de San Maria en Minneapolis (Basilica of St. Mary)


3. El Instituto de Arte (‘MIA’: Minneapolis Institute of Art)

download (1).jpg

4. El Museo de Ciencia de Minnesota (The Science Museum of Minnesota)

Image source: https://aejmc.us/comsher/2016/02/15/circulating-ideas-for-2016-comsher-fieldtrip/

5. Lake Calhoun (Minneapolis)


6. Lake Harriett (Minneapolis)


7. Summit Avenue (St. Paul)

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/238409373995221732/?lp=true

8. Mill City Museum


9. Mill City Farmer’s Market (y un tour del Ordway, un buen sitio para teatro):

31716101687_207e8010b5_o (1)

10. Como Lake, Como Conservatory, and Como Zoo:

Nina’s Coffee Cafe: https://www.visitsaintpaul.com/directory/ninas-coffee-cafe/

Five Watt Coffee: http://fivewattcoffee.com/

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe: https://thebachelorfarmer.com/cafe/
Penny’s Coffee: http://www.pennyscoffee.com/menu/

Peace Coffee: https://www.peacecoffee.com/visit/

Angry Catfish Coffee Shop and Bicycle Bar: http://angrycatfishbicycle.com/


Chino Latino: https://chinolatino.com/

Hola Arepa: https://www.holaarepa.com/restaurant/

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe: https://www.frenchmeadowcafe.com/

Hai Hai: https://www.haihaimpls.com/

Young Joni: https://www.youngjoni.com/

Lat14 Asian: https://www.lat14.com/

Alma: https://www.almampls.com/

Bellecour: https://bellecourrestaurant.com/

Saint Dinette: http://www.saintdinette.com/

Meritage: http://www.meritage-stp.com/

Pajarito: http://www.pajaritostp.com/

In Bloom: https://www.inbloomstp.com/

Martina: https://www.martinarestaurant.com/

Terzo: https://www.terzompls.com/



Just Truffles: http://justtruffles.com/






Almost 5% Women (Ages 15-45) Unintentionally Pregnant while on (possibly even your gyno’s strongest, personally recommended) Birth Control Each Year

Read about this topic here. A blog post will be created on the topic in January. Prayers for the topic and all humans involved in the meantime.

A part of the article: “Children are the large, obvious reason why marriage is good for society and why premarital sex isn’t. Sexual relationships always absorb a lot of people’s energy and attention, so they impoverish society unless they give something back.”

Further text from article: “But even compared to childless marriage, premarital sex has an unwholesome character because, by failing to address genetic conflicts of interest through marriage, it allows competition, exploitation, and fear of betrayal to penetrate into the heart of the most intimate human relationships, not stealthily, but openly and as if by right. There is no way to make premarital sex promote the good of society or of the individuals involved. The world would be a better place [talk about working to obtain world peace, shout out to Saint Mother Teresa and her hate of abortion and the culture of death that couples on birth control- even those that ‘mean well’ – create] if it never happened at all.”

Skin Cancer Scare: My Own Story

When you’re in your 20’s, healthy, no skin cancer family history…it’s scary to find a pre-melanoma mole through a biopsy that was found necessary by the dermatologist…I had no indication of issues in my body and by chance, she noticed an unusual mole on my shoulder that I had NEVER paid attention to. By chance due to an inflamed mole on my arm (shaving), I went into the dermatologist to check healing. She suggested a full-body skin check and two weeks later, I got the call explaining that my biopsy results included a pre-cancerous melanoma-indicative mole that had been removed. TALK ABOUT A SURPRISE. Please everyone, just go get that full-body check. Whether your insurance covers this or not (call them to ask), it’s worth it. If you have bad insurance or no insurance, MORE reason to go get checked as this is the best preventive strategy (along with monthly full-body self-checks for changes in moles or irregular moles) that exists for the MOST COMMON type of cancer (skin cancer).

Image source here. 


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Complaining: A Step Off the Path Toward Sanctity

I am ecstatic to share content with you that I have found through my new subscription (I am not paid or under any obligation to share this with you beyond my obligation of God to share His work) from Helena Daily:

How Complaining Undermines Our Faith

“Complaining isn’t a vice because God doesn’t want to listen to our whining. Quite the contrary. It is a vice because it undermines our trust in him and his providence in our lives.”

By Megan Schrieber

With the arrival of the first family grandchild, my Irish father took on the name ‘Grumpy.’ He had a great sense of humor and saw the truth in our accurately coined moniker. My father earned this title after years and years of being a complainer. His most notorious line to displeasing situations was “That’s annoying.” It seemed fairly innocent, but when compounded over and over for every situation that is slightly askew, it became, well, annoying. In each of these moments this simple phrase produced an intentional shift away from seeing God’s grace to seeing the devil’s dysfunction.

Like a bad gene, this catch phrase worked its way into our own family life. My children decided to add the article ‘so’ in order to intensify the meaning. They meant business and each sibling was bound to know his place.

One summer, the term was used so frequently we instituted a “That’s So Annoying” jar.  Each time I heard it, the proclaimer had to throw a nickel in the jar. One offender would just walk by and drop a dollar to have a day filled with 20 comebacks to whatever irked him.

Not surprisingly, the jar did not work; however, it highlighted the alarming frequency of usage which called everyone to action. Happily, I can report that the term has been nearly eradicated from our family’s vernacular.

Beyond just being annoying, focusing on this pithy comment led to the revelation that we were choosing to see a problem instead of God’s presence. Over and over we were fixing our eyes, not on him, but away from him. And in time, it began to erode our faith life. When complaining becomes a way of life, we simply become blind to the redemptive power of God present in every situation. As the vice takes root more deeply, it becomes more sinister. It actually limits our ability to see God’s omnipresence in the everyday, in the mundane, in the predictable.


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Mindful Media for a Better Monday // Media Attenta per Un Lunedì Migliore

Here are my steps for a better Monday (this is what God has put into my life lately and it has really uplifted my month so far):

  1. Fr. Mike Schmitz wisdom:

Click here to listen to this podcast (in English only, unfortunately) that will explain:

-what gets inside your head will change how you think, talk, act, and ultimately, believe

2. Helena Daily News Source

Among the GREAT things you’ll find on that website (including a daily email sign-up I just decided to join), you’ll find this amazing bridge of the U.S. film industry and a more lasting, meaningful occupation through making mind space to discern and follow one’s vocation:

3. Also wildly interesting: a San Francisco socialite becoming a cloistered Carmelite after having 10 children and having enough shoes to jeopardize all current celebrities’ shoe collections: read here.

4. This is great for this time of year (All Saints’ Day, which is the day built for all of us: we were all created as saints and God yearns most deeply for each of us to be saints): click here for an exorcist’s explanation on life and afterlife.  To be honest, I think that this work is so important that I hope to order the book soon and in the meantime, here is a part of a chapter from the book:

An Exorcist Describes Death, Judgement, and Our Everlasting Life

Heaven, the Kingdom of Love

I wish to include some basic notions of Christian eschatology, which, because of the Resurrection of Christ give a reason for great hope to everyone — in particular, to those who suffer from evil spells. Our life, our earthly pilgrimage, and our suffering are not the fruit of a blind randomness; rather, they are ordered for our greater good and definitive friendship with God.

Let us begin, then, precisely from paradise, the final goal and the reason for which we have been created. “Those who die in God’s grace and friendship and are perfectly purified live for ever with Christ. They are like God for ever, for they ‘see him as he is,’ face to face,” (CCC 1023).


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A Breakfast Favorite: the Smoothie // La colazione preferita: il frullato

Sometimes, you finally make a smoothie SO GOOD you must share it right away:


-1/2 bunch of fresh spinach, rinsed

-1/4 inch of fresh ginger, peeled

-1/2 packet of unsweetened acai fruit

-1/2 to 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

-1 T Cacao powder (NOT cocoa powder…very different in nutrients)

-A sprinkle of stevia powder

-1/2 cup frozen strawberries


Blend and serve with your favorite nut butter on the side! Even more tasty if you add two dark-chocolate covered macadamia nuts given to your by that sweet friend Claire (all the way from Hawaii)! Great memories to cherish over a great smoothie bowl…even if the color concerns you (dark green), the taste will allow you to know it’s worth the off-putting color of the smoothie- it’s a good one, I promise!!

A volte, finalmente fai un frullato SO GOOD, devi condividerlo subito:

-1/2 mazzetto di spinaci freschi, sciacquati

1/4 di pollice di zenzero fresco, sbucciato

-1/2 pacchetto di frutta acai non zuccherata

Da -1/2 a 1 tazza di latte di mandorle non zuccherato

-1 T Cacao in polvere (NON cacao in polvere … molto diverso nei nutrienti)

-Una spolverata di polvere di stevia

-1/2 tazza di fragole congelate

Mescola e servi con il tuo burro di noci preferito sul lato! Ancora più gustoso se aggiungi due noci di macadamia ricoperte di cioccolato fondente regalate da quella dolce amica Claire (proveniente dalle Hawaii)! Grandi ricordi da amare su una grande ciotola di frullato … anche se il colore ti preoccupa (verde scuro), il gusto ti permetterà di sapere che vale il colore del frullato che spicola, è una buona scelta, lo prometto !!

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