The Letter ‘M’ // La Letra ‘M’

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What does the letter ‘M’ immediately bring into your mind?

I’d like to share a goal: I’d like you to consider the importance of your mind turning first toward our Mother Mary (double M, in fact, and not the candy M&M this time!).

Then, there are other great M‘s to consider:

Marvelous fashion (all in beautiful, classy modest choices, no less):

There are a few really cute pieces of clothes I’ve cherished since before I even knew what applying modesty to my wardrobe meant, and they’ve snuggled their way into each of the closets I’ve had over these 3.5 years (and living in 10 different spaces in this span of time). I love their color, their V-neck, their buttons…but I hate their questionable amount of modesty…nothing TOO much, hence their existence in my closet…but not exactly SHOUTING a message of ‘I believe my worth is ONLY found ALWAYS in Christ’, either…which really just means there’s insecurity wrapped up in beautiful clothes and shorter hemlines.

I’m calling myself out on this, and I don’t do it without a call to action. I’m going to be giving clothes to charity because someone who’s younger and shorter can love these clothes and impress Christ all the while, and I hope that this spurs a bit of a celebration amongst us young women professionals to take on this challenge and start a sign of our belief that Christ fulfills us totally, with no insecurity showing in how we dress ourselves to encounter our days!

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Someone Who’s Changed My Life For the WAY Better // Alguien Quien Me La Mejora La Vida Totalmente

I’ve had the joy to know an especially inspiring sister in Christ over my college years, and I’d like to make sure this little blog can share a very important message today: how much this friend has impacted my life! I’d like to share a few memories about a really, really sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, hardworking, giving person:


I remember cheering on our fellow roommate’s music night for one of our first outings as we became friends during our sophomore year of college:

We dressed up in our wedges and had fun taking photos all around campus…photo shoots are the best with Claire at your side!

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