Book Review (& My Favorite Thursday)



I ended my 33 days of retreat reading on December 8, 2016: The Feast of the Immaculate Conception (and also a Thursday), so I took a break from studying for finals and only by the grace that God allows me, I could finish a project that I had been hoping to finish for quite awhile):


Earlier in the week, I had received a packet of letters from some of the Cruz Blanca campers, so I was also able to read through these beautiful cards on such a lovely Thursday (it makes me feel more and more excited for being at Cruz Blanca in about 20 days from now, PRAY FOR ME, all other volunteers, the campers, and team of fraterna leaders):


I think of all the people I’m around, and I can’t help but be excited that in this January especially (and hopefully increasingly in every month that follows), I will be able to live completely dependent on a Great Merciful Love, and I hope that the blessings will touch everyone I love, including those I skype so happily (though I’m missing photos for Mamarú, Andrea, Gianella, Anna, Natalie, and Alex– so, more photos to add soon):