A Path of Life

Here’s a quick introduction to a very dear friend (and what follows is a quick recap of the beautiful vocation stories I’ve seen unfold in married and religious life for friends):

There is a little countdown I’d like to share with you:

  • My dear sister and amazing brother-in-law’s marriage in August 2014:


  • The first woman I’ve seen enter her religious vocation to Carmel in August 2015, Brigetta:
B is on the left (Hannah is on the right) as we played a twist on newspaper-bridal-gown and chose the newspaper-Carmel-habit for these two ladies’ bridal shower.
  • My faaabulous host sister and cuñado’s Catholic marriage in November 2015:

  • The second woman (and very best friend of my life) who entered Carmel due to her religious vocation in February 2016, Hannah:


  • A dear friend and fellow Catholic Women’s Leadership Co-Leader who entered the Sisters of Life in New York City in Fall 2015, Caroline:
C is on the far left!
  • A very dear friend who entered a Christian marriage to someone who compliments her so well (June 2016), Claire:
Claire is on the left!
  • The Catholic marriage of a kind, generous friend who has made my time in Peru ALWAYS more memorable, Jill:


  • The third woman, a dear friend, I’ve seen enter her religious vocation to Carmel in October 2016, Michaela:


  • An amazing teacher currently who will soon be entering her religious vocation in the upcoming year, Lisa:


  • A kind, sweet friend who became another regular of our university’s campus ministry retreat weekends over the undergraduate years and will be entering her vocation with the missionaries of charity in these upcoming months, Mallory:
M is second from the left!
  • Two amazing women who were a part of my first retreat small group and will now be getting married very soon- Leah and Cece:
Leah is second from the left and Cece is the first one on the right!
  • A hilarious, AMAZING, she-understands-me-before-I-understand-myself high school swimteam friend who will be getting married in August:

Summore Senior Yearrrr 108.JPG

  • I pray for each of us to better recognize and follow our vocation each day, and please pray for me, as well! Here are some great quotes to share on the theme:


FullSizeRender (3)2.jpg

Finally, I have a little video to share with you in support of Mallory’s vocation as she looks to raise $15,000 to pay off the remaining student loans that separate her from entering her religious vocation (she already has managed to raise over $50,000 in 5 months, so this is a beautiful reminder of Jesus working in the hearts of so many in Mallory’s community). Thanks for reading and much love + many prayers to all of you readers:


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