Brokenness, Pain, and How Lent Brings Understanding

I could write a huge long post today, but I’d rather think about the situations presented such as these:

Screenshot (365)
Click here to hear what I wish I could read aloud to each of my friends every single day. There’s truth in this message.

Click on the colored text for a podcast that changes SO MUCH: This is one of my favorite audio clips of my entire life.

Mental health is a serious obligation in our lives to know Christ better. We must take care of our bodies (minds included) if we are to reach what Christ wants for our lives, despite each of these challenges He permits. That’s why I wrote up this post and put that link….not because I really have the time to be doing this as I really, really should be studying…(I’ll get there), but because I really, really care about who I know checks this blog. I love you people, and I want you to feel in your heart what I feel in mine. If you don’t trust Christ with your heart…then trust him for knowing what amazing things he’s done (and will continue, God willing) in my life!

So…listen to the link. It’s insane how a life changes after 20 minutes of another person’s perspective on Truth.

On a related note, what is your Lenten resolution? Is it bringing your mind closer to Christ?

I’ve chosen to write a small story of my life, and it’s opening up things that I wanted very much to keep closed, and it hurts so much, but it’s vulnerability that Brene Brown reminds us is important, too. We can’t live authentically if we can’t reach a peace about who were are, who we aren’t, and who we’d like to be. It’s a daily process, and it’s filled with hope even when there’s pain. There’s progress in vulnerability. There’s pain too. It’s all worth it, though.

So…Lent is just halfway over…what’s your Lenten resolution?

Love to all of my readers; my prayers are with the intentions of a sweet niece in heaven, her parents and family, my amazing friend who made the right (most difficult) decision but it broke two good hearts and a relationship, someone who broke my heart again but I’m proud of him for doing what’s absolutely the right choice in life- it’s what I want for him- but I struggle to let go of it all, I pray for people who treat me so well but I’m unable to be close with them because of the pain I do have in that part of my life for years now, I pray for those who I feel jealousy toward, I pray for those who want things in life that I take for granted, I pray for my fellow community members drowning in insignificant first-world problems (myself included on a lot of days), I pray for those in my community drowning in huge, God-necessary problems, I pray for Peru during a time of natural disaster in Northern Peru, I pray for so many kids who do not have parents to care for them in their life, and I pray for 37 grandmothers who look for people to love and care for, but life has left them with very little…yet their hearts remain so open and loving. I want to have a heart as they do…as Jesus perfectly does…ready to love and not fearful of what that may mean.



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