A Little Budgeting: Arriving Home

Now presenting my first little space that I have decorated to call ‘home’:


After the initial disappointment of what a UW Madison dorm room leaves room for in terms of decorating to one’s taste (severely lacking), and then the collective disinterest in investing in rental decoration with shared living commitments for all years afterward, let’s just say it has been about 7 years of waiting for the day when I’d be allowed to decorate my own space…even including nails in the wall…the whole deal (except…still no paint. I guess even this apartment has its limits, hehe).

I now present to you the art of affordable home creation: making a space cozy when it wasn’t really built with such a purpose. Here’s the ‘before’:

A $1500 budget allows for a lot to be done to this place (though new appliance/cabinet upgrades were a fun surprise via landlord’s recent renovations in my unit):

Plus a few additions from home (great majority of items not pictured):

Finally, here is a blessing for each new home:


Just in case you ever wondered what a dream Peruvian home for traveling doctors to use on mission work (with space for their families, if they’d like to travel along) would look like, I’ve got you covered: