Self-Esteem and Self-Image: Where We Can Always Improve // Terapia di gruppo: immagine di sé e autostima

This is an introductory video to the theme that puts real faces to a glimpse of their stories:

Isabel speaks to us about being 71 years old but feeling 17 years old…and not being afraid of vulnerability. She has gained spirituality and accepted the closeness of death.

This man speaks of the reality of being happy when children show demonstrate cowardice (they stay alive that way); but he challenges this, “do you know why you were born?” See more:

He speaks about being afraid before being in front of others who expect a performance from you:

J.K. Rowling addresses a privileged crowd, but the message seems to be for us as much (or more than) as for them:


If one was to incorporate these video lessons into a group format to help graduate students improve their self-esteem habits and self-image, it may roll into something like this:

Click here for group outline on self-esteem!

Here is the Word Doc format of the self-rating survey tool used among group participants:

How do I rate my current self

Finally, this Word Document contains the thought prompts that participants read out loud at the beginning of the first discussion circle:
Introduction to Self-Esteem


صومالی ثقافت // Somalian Culture


The Twin Cities and Rochester (Minnesota) receive about 2,000 Somalian refugees each year into their state. Here’s a little bit about the country today and its challenges:

<p><a href=”″>Distributing aid in Somalia</a> from <a href=””>Trocaire</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

<p><a href=”″>A Life On Hold</a> from <a href=””>marc silver</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

<p><a href=”″>A New Somalia</a> from <a href=””>What Took You So Long?</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Click here for details // clicca qui per i dettagli:

The Final Version Somalian Culture Presentation Julia Brown 032218 (2)

Imparare parole // I learn words

We drink water – Noi beviamo acqua.

You drink the water – Bevete l’acqua.

We drink. – Noi beviamo.

You (all) drink the water – Voi bevete l’acqua.

You (all) are men. – Voi siete uomini.

The women drink. – le donne bevone.

We drink water. – noi beviamo l’acqua.

The book – il libro

E un libro – It is a book.

You read. – Leggi.

She reads. – Lei legge.

I read – io leggo.

You read. – Leggi.

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Impariamo l’italiano

Taken near Rome during Holy Week 2016

Personal pronouns

The subject pronouns in Italian are:

  • Io – I
  • Tu – Singular You
  • Lui – He
  • Lei – She
  • Esso/Essa – It (archaic and literary)
  • Noi – We
  • Voi – Plural You / You all
  • Loro – They (speaking of people)
  • Essi/Esse – They (archaic and literary)

The verb is always conjugated to match the subject, and the subject is only specified for clarity or emphasis.


Articles have to match gender and number of the noun they refer to.

The singular determinate articles (the) are:

  • Lo – masculine, used before Z, S+consonant, GN, and some rarer consonant clusters.
  • Il – masculine, used before consonants except the above.
  • La – feminine, used before all consonants.
  • L’ – an elision of the above used before vowels.

The indeterminate articles (a/an) are:

  • Uno – masculine, used before Z, S+consonant, GN, and some rarer consonant clusters.
  • Un – masculine, used in all other cases.
  • Una – feminine, used before all consonants.
  • Un’ – feminine, used before vowels.

New Favorite Book (so far…at 22 years old!)

If you’re curious what this book is all about, the author will explain her story (not necessarily what’s in the book) in the first half of this video:

I was inspired by this book. I want EVERYONE to read it, but I understand that the likelihood of this occurring after this sentence’s plea is SLIM-TO-NONE. So I’m taking the tone out of the book and applying it to my blog, in the hopes that it will inspire you to care about the pages that scream Truth hidden under this somewhat-cheesy title, Kisses from Katie.


I will blog in diary-form today in honor of Katie’s choice to share many diary entries in her book, which brought her words into the New York Time’s bestseller list. I hope that my words will just bring you to read her words.

August 9:

I had a beautiful day. I felt more love than…

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Ann: When Words Don’t Suffice

There’s this super special best friend for life/basically-sister/mind-reader I have, and I want everyone else to know about this priceless person who is called Ann Duevel by many and Duev by a select few. First of all, Duev treats me well when it would be difficult to do so…through the ‘stickier’ parts of who I am,…

The Wake-Up Moment

(Julia defines) ‘The Wake-Up Moment’- a situation (often slightly dangerous) that allows you to take a moment to evaluate where your life is going, what you want to get out of it, and if you’re on the path to make it to these essential goals.

I have ‘wake-up moments’ every time I’m in an area with grizzly bears, or wolves. I have ‘wake-up moments’ right when a flight is taking off or touching down. I had ‘wake-up moments’ in the few times I’ve ever been seriously sick enough to get really worried about a future (I was overreacting terribly, all was taken care of correctly each time– just some lag time due to the language barrier in understanding that!).

I just had another ‘wake-up moment’ yesterday when walking to my duplex from my lovely friend Claire’s apartment-I was walking on the sidewalk behind the baseball fields at my school, and I…

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