As I present on cultural traditions within my family, of course the Arequipa side of my family comes to mind first and foremost when I consider traditional food. Let this video show you where I to church each week with my Peruvian mother, plus all the parts of my neighborhood in Arequipa (yes, my neighborhood is where the traditional ‘picanteria’ food movement began!). I share it to you all with the love that goes into each dish:

As I now live in Iowa for grad school, this tourism promotional video from a few years ago seems quite relevant. On one of the first days of my intro classes before beginning as a full-time fully-immersed student in my Peruvian university environment the following semester, our professor Alan showed us this video and it has stayed with me ever since:

Of course one must watch something about ceviche to understand Peru:

ceviche 2.jpg

ceviche 3.jpg

Finally, this last video is in honor of my sister and brother-in-law who are starting a healthy eating movement via great products distributed at reasonable prices throughout Arequipa:

(Google and Pinterest helped me out with the three illustrations found on 4/15/18)

College Basics: Back Around to Further Love Those I Meet Today

In class this week during a presentation, a point was brought up, “A discussion should not be two people shouting barely-related sentences at each other.” Good point. There needs to be active, full listening involved.

The presentation continues, “If you want to get up on a soap box and shout without caring to hear anyone else’s opinion, write a blog.”

While this can be true, it is definitely not the rule of a blog writer. I hope we can all welcome comments. I hope we can all take great ideas we’ve heard from others and use a blogging platform to amplify the voices of others, not even our own voice, when they speak more clearly.

As this is the case, I’d like to share some videos that get across some ideas I had to learn through my experience and by loving and knowing others and their experiences. Just to make sure we all know that we’re in this huge learning experience of life together, I thought I’d add in relevant images to make sure I can keep others up to speed about where I’ve been and where A and I are going, by God’s grace alone through the gift of pursuing cooperation:

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Life Balance…or Life Priorities?

I’d argue this…

The easy response to this post is to watch the TED talk at the bottom of this post and *maybe* glance over the following link that has a free archive of a book I’ve been reading lately that has REVOLUTIONIZED the way I approach family life and values.

For example, what is the difference between an objective and a priority?

How does divorce affect each partner and their children (the part we may be blind to in our culture)?

Who are the biggest promoters of pornography for kids, and when did it become okay for adults to decide if they would like to participate in a culture of death and/or violence?

This book speaks of a LOT of important topics that any professional that will ever encounter a Christian in their practice should be able to read through to know a perspective that their viewpoint may hold a semblance to:

Click here for online version of book or buy it on Amazon here.


Here’s the TED talk that is digested much better after reading all (yes, all…even when it takes you a few months) of the book listed above:

Life Update // Aggiornamento della vita

An EWTN interview of Katie Davis Majors, the author of *highly recommended* Kisses for Katie: 

Here is a mini interview of Katie given by her husband:

You can pre-order her new book which will be available to read in October 2018:

I’d just like to share a little prayer to everyone being touched both in the U.S. and throughout the world by those who are unafraid to pray daily (especially when they don’t feel like it), unafraid to ask questions of incomplete satisfaction with life as we know it and look relentlessly for answers, unafraid to accept natural laws to humanity, and unafraid to believe in Christ, which begets loving action toward those near them, for the sake of themselves and others:

Oh Loving Lord,

Do you see my family?

Do you see how we have struggled?
Do you see how we have hurt?

Even each other, pain going back, for generations.

So right here, right now, in Your presence, I claim the promises You set forth for me, and for my family.

Not a perfect family, that never suffers, that never bleeds, but a family united IN LOVE, in Spirit and in Truth.

This can only come by Your grace, oh loving Lord.

So pour yourself out, upon us.

Wash us clean again.

Reach down, restore us.

Through your mercy, through your love, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


(Featured image source: Amazima Ministeries via Pinterest, 4/8/18)