Life Update // Aggiornamento della vita

An EWTN interview of Katie Davis Majors, the author of *highly recommended* Kisses for Katie: 

Here is a mini interview of Katie given by her husband:

You can pre-order her new book which will be available to read in October 2018:

I’d just like to share a little prayer to everyone being touched both in the U.S. and throughout the world by those who are unafraid to pray daily (especially when they don’t feel like it), unafraid to ask questions of incomplete satisfaction with life as we know it and look relentlessly for answers, unafraid to accept natural laws to humanity, and unafraid to believe in Christ, which begets loving action toward those near them, for the sake of themselves and others:

Oh Loving Lord,

Do you see my family?

Do you see how we have struggled?
Do you see how we have hurt?

Even each other, pain going back, for generations.

So right here, right now, in Your presence, I claim the promises You set forth for me, and for my family.

Not a perfect family, that never suffers, that never bleeds, but a family united IN LOVE, in Spirit and in Truth.

This can only come by Your grace, oh loving Lord.

So pour yourself out, upon us.

Wash us clean again.

Reach down, restore us.

Through your mercy, through your love, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


(Featured image source: Amazima Ministeries via Pinterest, 4/8/18)


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