College Basics: Back Around to Further Love Those I Meet Today

In class this week during a presentation, a point was brought up, “A discussion should not be two people shouting barely-related sentences at each other.” Good point. There needs to be active, full listening involved.

The presentation continues, “If you want to get up on a soap box and shout without caring to hear anyone else’s opinion, write a blog.”

While this can be true, it is definitely not the rule of a blog writer. I hope we can all welcome comments. I hope we can all take great ideas we’ve heard from others and use a blogging platform to amplify the voices of others, not even our own voice, when they speak more clearly.

As this is the case, I’d like to share some videos that get across some ideas I had to learn through my experience and by loving and knowing others and their experiences. Just to make sure we all know that we’re in this huge learning experience of life together, I thought I’d add in relevant images to make sure I can keep others up to speed about where I’ve been and where A and I are going, by God’s grace alone through the gift of pursuing cooperation:

“Really just had a desire [since second grade] to fit in and be liked. By high school, this meant going to parties and drinking.” By college, she rushed and joined a sorority her second week of college. “I just remember making a lot of mistakes and seeing the emptiness of that lifestyle. Seeing the emptiness of the hook-up culture. But I remember there was that one point in my sorority when I was in a meeting, and I remember looking around the room at all these girls and I just remember thinking, I don’t have one honest friend in this  room. Like I just feel like I don’t know any of these people and I am not known myself. And I remember that this was the time that I was seeing the emptiness of what was around me on my college campus.” She wanted to change this, and she remembers seeing a friend and how her boyfriend loved each other, respected, and valued. Hear her by clicking here.


“I’ve spent my whole life wanting to be loved. I don’t want some imitation, I don’t want to be some option. I want real, true love. I want adventure, I want deep, spontaneous, deep, authentic love. That is why I choose chastity.” “I’m going to be honest with you, if I thought there was a rule that’s keeping me from real love, I’d break that rule. Chastity is about love worth throwing the rule book out over. I get to save sex and sexually intimate acts for marriage…it’s not something I have to do! It leaves me fulfilled! I don’t have to wake up the next morning and wonder…(STDs, remembering names, fear, commitment issues, questioning ‘me and only me’, leaving one another…) Hear her by clicking here.


“Are we giving up who we are just to belong?” “As a chastity speaker, I am very well aware of how I come across [just speaking about slaying, being the life of the party, in the bar last night]. I think often times, many people expect me to look like Mandy Moore circa ‘A Walk to Remember’. People tend to think chastity is for priests or people who don’t have the social skills to date. ” Hear her by clicking here.


“We will always experience temptation, especially when it comes to something as good and beautiful as our sexuality. So what do we do with our temptations?” “Don’t panic…you haven’t done anything wrong in being tempted. It’s how we respond and act that will determine if we fall. We have to be smaller than we are virtuous. We aren’t as virtuous as we think, and we don’t always make the best choices, especially in our relationships.” Hear him by clicking here.

Travel helps me now spread a message of chastity through correct actions and example. Travel friends become those with whom often I will bond almost instantly and maintain a strong bond even as we part ways. We continue this in our daily lives by caring for the concerns of the potential interpretation of scandal (even if incorrectly assumed) in a situation.

Does modesty contribute to the rape culture? “The biggest contributor to the rape culture is pornography. According to a study by ‘Fight the New Drug’, those who exposed themselves to violent pornography were six times more likely to have raped somebody than those who had low past exposure (she says she doesn’t mean that everyone who has been exposed to pornography will turn to choose rape). Pornography teaches us to use people and love things as opposed to love people and use things.  Hear her by clicking here.

“I needed to be okay with being single. I could not allow myself to become discouraged by the ‘lack of men’. I needed to stop comparing myself to other girls who were in holy relationships. We can foster authentic relationships. We can grow in virtue in this journey to Heaven [to which EVERY SINGLE HUMAN is called to achieve their rightful home in Heaven]. We deserve a man that sets his standards to that of Christ.” Hear her by clicking here.


Finally, I’d like to point out someone who has made it to Heaven awhile back now but still inspires a lot of young adults. He passed away at 24 years old, and just at that age, I began a year-long devotion to praying to God through the intercession of this blessed Catholic. At the very ending point of the year, I was confused but hopeful. I happened to meet the only person I’ve known from the same country as this blessed Catholic…same town, too…so I’ll call that a coincidence but the rest I call God answering my prayers when A came by and inspired me each day since meeting him! The blessed Catholic to whom I attribute help in the path of holiness is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati:


Images’ source: on 4/13/18


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