Translating: From Magazine to What I’d Want to Learn about Life

I do enjoy the occasional free magazine (unused miles about to expire means magazine subscriptions galore), and the recent June 2018 issue of Vogue talks about all sorts of things (as does Travel & Leisure and Real Simple magazine), and of course their twist is biased and sadly not very educated in too many issues concerning natural law as understood by Christians and most especially the Catholic tradition. If I got a chance to translate what I’m reading, I guess I’d put it on a blog…? Hehe well here’s just the first time I’m doing so…TBD if this becomes anything regular (main question: can I pull my thoughts together, get my research right too, or will this be confusing and messy to both myself and reader?)

A Table for One exerpt by Lena Dunham (2018):

“Even if some people like to be alone, nobody likes to be lonely. It’s been the subject of more art than can be consumed in a lifetime, the human aversion to loneliness and also the way we attune ourselves to it, become entrenched in a routine that isolates us. Too much has been said about the way technology allows us to experience the illusion of connection and retreat further into hermetic patterns, but it bears repeating that texts, emails, Facebook pokes, and Twitter faves do not a social life make. People are, it would seem, lonelier than ever and also less used to being alone.”

I must respond in a bit of praise to begin: Lena has a way of noticing sadness and problems in the world and writing about them succinctly.

Lena and I very, very, very rarely (if ever) agree on solutions to issues such as social media overuse/worth issues or many more pertinent issues (mainly concerning the rights of unborn women…and men). Yet, her writing style flows as she describes a commonly understood problem and here I find myself, agreeing with her words in that paragraph.

I know what it’s like to hate being alone, to love it, and to hate being lonely. I’ve never loved being lonely. Her writing fits that life experience.

Yet I pray that her life experience can fit the truth that we were not made to live a life that does not involve God. God created us to guide us to the most personal happiness that He created uniquely to satisfy the precise mix of desires that He can fulfill in His plans.

When I look at the Spring finally arriving in the Midwest, I am constantly thinking, ‘how can God NOT be making this each year for us?’ It is truly such a special time of year here after six months of frigid, horrible weather and all the toil involved with transporting yourself through it (or changing plans all the time to cancel out your life due to snow). Allow me to repeat: spring is a very, very, very precious time of year to enjoy. I can only stop to think about how God is who made this possible for me every year (it’s on my intentions list to make Him show me the way to more gratitude in the winter, too…I see this too- not just you, reader, hehe)!

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