Caring for This Skin You’re In!

List of must-haves for *finally* getting away from acne on a regular basis:

*I am not paid or sponsored by any companies. All of these opinions are based on personal experience of VERY sensitive skin and a LOT of expensive trial-and-error…including heavy (expensive) prescription medication over many years…but isn’t it great how the best options are natural formulas? This is an investment, but guess how much I spend on daily make-up? $0.00

If you are a guy who does little to nothing for skin care, you should not read this post. I’m really not kidding- you’ll think this is insane but don’t get me started about the skincare industry…stepping foot into a dermatologist’s office is where prices get outlandish. This stuff is what I’ve found as alternatives to what prices are offered in those offices (anyone understand my pain??)

  1. ‘Homemade’ Near-Light Infrared Sauna

Only uses $5 of energy a week for 1 hour of use each day!

Components found here and here for a total price of $365 (compare to $3000-$7500 by SaunaSpace bought together as a tent, wooden chair, and four bulbs on a rack, or $32-$60 per hour of use at spas).

image 9.JPG

Why is this helpful?

Just about anyone who comes into the rental home shared by my classmate roommate and I will enter our bathroom and wonder what that huge, tall cloth box is. This is our homemade sauna and it has some great functions:

Read more here. It even has evidence pointing to help for many other issues such as traumatic brain injury. lower chronic pain such as from arthritis, improved heart function, and limits the side effects of diabetes (check Dr. Axe’s blog). As the sources mention, increase immune function, reduce cellulite, increase metabolism, the near infrared sauna (quite different and much better for you than far infrared saunas) even can help you build muscle by allowing the body to release more human growth hormone. Studies in Finland even show 66% reduction in dementia and 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s  in men who used their home sauna 4-7 times/week as opposed to just once per week.

2. Daily A.M. regimen:

Korean 1-Step Make-up RemoverCleanser  $9

Hylunia Lavendar Colloidal Silver Mist $33

Elta MD Broad Spectrum SPF 40 UV Daily Facial Sunscreen (for more protection) $21

OR for a day indoors, I opt for less SPF but a lighter cream I enjoy more: Eminence Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 25

3. Weekly mask:

Start by adding the distilled water and turn on this facial steamer ($26):
image 3

Then, I keep a honey container with raw honey, ground cinnamon and cloves, and activated charcoal in a bottle to put on as a physical exfoliant in this weekly process:

image 4

Next, frozen blueberries crushed on your face…rub everywhere! This is an acidic exfoliant.

Following step: Wash with cold water. Apply Hylunia mist as shown above for daily regimen. With facial fan brush (clean), apply very small amount of glycolic acid peel to skin and upper neck, but NOT around eyes, nasal openings, or mouth:

image 8

$13.50 product found here.

After just one minute with this on, put an ice cube all over your face until you don’t feel a burn.

Next, add another layer of the Hylunia mist. Get out the medium-sized roller and roll in upward motion across face and neck (vertically), then horizontally. Then diagonally, then other diagonal direction. Apply LIGHTLY or you will have scratches all over face:

image 5.JPG

Before and after using each roller head, roll in unfiltered cold apple cider vinegar to sanitize. This derma roller set can be found here for $20.

After rinsing with cold water, apply bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mixture to any oily areas of face. Apply more crushed frozen blueberry (acid!) to eye area and more ‘regular’ non-oily areas of face.

image 6

The clay mask can be found here for $8 and ACV (and a pack of frozen blueberries) should be no more than $4 at a grocery store.

image 16.jpg

Next, get your jade roller ($23) out of its satchel in the freezer. Use larger end to roll upward along contour lines of face. Use smaller end for eye area.

(I promise this is all worth it- so many steps!!) Finally, turn on your facial mister again and sit to heat face for a final minute. Turn off, splash cold water until face is completely clean, and put another layer of the Hylunia mist on your face.

You can end by adding just a drop of this face oil on your face:

image 17.jpg

Find it here for $33

And a bit of this Swedish clay mask on any problem areas (if you’re about to go to sleep, cover it with a band-aid and it works even better):

image 1

Find this mask here for $28

4. Weekly face ‘work out’:

While I have hard plastic facial cups, I’d recommend new buyers to look into silicone cups found here for $10:

Look at how great her skin looks in older age:

5. Body Care

First of all, this is great for preventing cellulite, helping lymphatic system and blood flow throughout body: use with coconut oil and your favorite essential oil; but it for only $6 here:

brush 1.jpg

After shaving, this is far better than coconut oil and there seems to be nothing that works as well as this product (plus, the ingredients are natural):

It costs $15 for a small bottle here but it will last a LONG time:

image 15.JPG

5. My P.M. Routine:

image 10.JPG

After using the same cleanser and mist as the morning routine, I put on Vitamin C serum found here for $20 and eye pads found here for $4. I wear a sleeping mask, try to stay hydrated (but not RIGHT before bed because that would make me wake up at night), take a Magnesium/Calcium supplement an hour before bed, and turn on our AC unit in the summer for better sleep quality. Rarely, I put on an acne patch found here for $12.50 for a 4-pack of 24 patches in case I have a bad blemish that I’d like to see 50% reduced by the next day. I do try to keep my phone charging out of my room on airplane mode, but I keep it on so the alarm will go off (and I have to get up to turn it off…so I’m then already out of bed for my day!).

Also, most important: treated water + ideally 9 hours of sleep (at least 8 to function well) + strength training at least three times each week + activity outside often + running or swimming fast a few times a week + the most important of all: PRAYER EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST A HALF HOUR (and it must involve a rosary for real well-being)! This is how I keep myself honestly well: a relationship with Jesus. Hope you enjoyed learning about all the non-essential details about skin upkeep…God (and Him inspiring us to learn and follow only His plan) is the only essential in this life. Amen.



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