Past Musings: 2016 ‘Super Senior’ College Student

Back in 2016, I started writing a blog post that was never finished and never published. However, to look back at that draft is to bring the concerns of that time alive again; let me share with you what they were-

  • Wanting to see more people sanctifying themselves in the world.
  • “In a certain sense, these final two difficult Accounting classes are already a part of my calling in occupational therapy; they allow the undergraduate degree necessary to continue to grad school.” (I was just trying to consider anything to get me through a final semester I was not externally motivated to complete. In this sense, it was a blessing because I had to pray more to find my strength in God to give everything the most work I had to offer).
  • “So much ‘extra’ to work on aside from classes and work: perfecting Spanish grammar, vocabulary, English vocabulary, and Math skills, GRE studying, EXADEP studying, more volunteering under U.S.-licensed occupational therapists, three more pre-requisite classes (Abnormal Psychology, Anatomy, and Physiology), re-locating either my state or to a U.S. territory, likely studying within a new culture and language.”
    • At this time in my life, I was considering an OT master’s program in Puerto Rico accredited by the U.S. OT educational program organization. Though family members did not want to see me go due to the Zika virus current there, I stayed in the Midwest for many reasons ultimately. However, the subsequent year was one of the hardest for Puerto Rico: terrible devastation via Hurricane Maria, and a financial crisis that had overtaken much of the presidential campaign which was to only worsen after the state of emergency and long process of re-building infrastructure. I pray especially for all individuals affected, because although I want to be with them to care for whatever needs remain, I realize that this would have most definitely halted or negatively impacted my schedule for studies. Once again, God shows his faithfulness in my life: a plan I did not even want from the outset was the plan that is getting me far closer to the deepest desires of my heart. God sees the whole picture that I cannot- I am human and my imperfection can limit the understanding I have of the extent of reality and my surroundings beyond earth- it can even limit someone’s ability to recognize that their is our God and how much Love he gives us through his teachings and us respecting them- difficult as they may be for ALL of us! This brings me to my favorite book of the year so far:
Made For Love by the (now famous) priest in Duluth, Minnesota: Fr. Mike!

I highly recommend that ANYONE and EVERYONE order their book here. This guy can clarify a lot in relatively few pages. (No, I am not paid or influenced ahead of time for this post- except by personal experience alone!)

To have courage for whatever comes in life – everything lies in that. -St. Theresa of Avila


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