St. Paul, Minnesota Services (De veces en cuando, puedo ofrecer los servicios de videografía y fotografía por donación en Lima o Arequipa, Perú; por favor escríbeme por para detalles en fechas):


The first rule: you pick your pricing for my services. Your payment is given 100% to the middle school San Juan Apóstol in Arequipa, Peru. I don’t give you prices, you tell me what you’re comfortable donating and we go from there!

Please reach out to me with questions/scheduling inquiries at

Also, I can take iPhone footage/bad quality video and turn it into something a bit cleaner. This is a great option for gifts!  A November 2015 project (shown below) contained only footage from a cell phone, yet it turned out well with editing and we were really happy (and proud) to give the final video to the couple:

This 2013 video may warm the heart:


If you’d like a photo or video session and you’d like my labor to be free and instead you donate 100% of the price you choose to pay to the middle school San Juan Apóstol to pay for their daily meal, sweatshirts, books, pencils, soap…I’d be more than happy to arrange this! Please contact me at to set up a photo day.

Additionally, all the prints found on this blog are for sale- the size of the image, type of frame, type of print (matte or gloss), is all up to you…I’ll get it to you with a custom base price that is calculated after shipping/delivery charges and basics of labor, and then you can add in whatever donation you see fit. All proceeds that go beyond the cost of producing and shipping the print will be given 100% to the grade school San Juan Apóstol in the town of Villa Cerrillos on the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru. Here’s what is already displayed on the blog (and custom verses can be put on the images by request):

IMG_29031IMG_51931IMG_35591IMG_50041IMG_14771IMG_45861IMG_64811IMG_25561IMG_36101IMG_35841IMG_35801IMG_46551IMG_18882img_36552IMG_35532Captura de pantalla (267)IMG_19071IMG_36611IMG_49171IMG_06551IMG_05781IMG_1898





Thanks for reading and I hope that you reach out to me with any questions or inquiries!